Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Latest From Mad City

Well, friends, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's budget and
all its provisions is being held up from its publishing and
therefore its activation as law. A Dane County judge has
halted implementation of the budget on the grounds that
a legislative committee violated Wisconsin's Open Meetings
law. Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne filed
suit over the legislation, making the aforementioned argument.
Dane County Circuit Court judge Maryann Sumi (pronounced
"sue me"; her name might well prove quite fitting!) agreed
with Ozanne's argument and ruled in his favor. Ozanne claims
that there has not been a 24-hour notice of the legislation and
therefore its passage was in violation of the state's Open 
Meetings law, and should be held up from its going into effect.

Gov. Walker's budget was passed by the Republican
majorities in both of Wisconsin's legislative chambers, going
around a stalemate caused by the 14 state Senate Democrat
"fleebaggers" fleeing to Illinois to avoid a vote on the measure
that they were sure to lose. The legislation cannot take effect
until its formal publication, and Democrat Secretary of State
Douglas LaFollette announced that he plans to wait the full
10 days allowed for the publishing of a passed piece of legis-
lation and to finally take effect as state law. The Secretary of
State is being a good Democrat team player, working to block
Gov. Walker as well as the people who elected him because
he would craft such a no-nonsense budget.

Now, your thoughtful Peasant thinks that Gov. Walker and
team GOP may well have not given that 24-hour notice of
this legislation. That much could well be true, folks.
But know this: they looked for, found, and implemented
a strategy to pass the budget without the return of the cowardly,
shameful senate Democrats to the Senate to do their jobs.
And Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, in an
immediate appeal, argues that Judge Sumi "has no jurisdiction
over state lawmakers or the Secretary of State, as they 
all have sovereign immunity." Judge Sumi's action also bars 
Sec. of State LaFollette from publishing the new law. He also
asserts that "the (state) Supreme Court has repeatedly held
that a court may not void any act of the Legislature for
alleged failure to follow a non-constitutional rule of legislative
process ... As applied to legislative acts, the Open Meetings
law is such a rule of process." This means that while a rule
calling for a 24-hour notice to the public regarding any
legislation up for a vote in the legislature does exist,
since it isn't part of Wisconsin's constitutional code of law it
cannot be legally invoked to hold up new laws from taking

Van Hollen, in a separate new release, stated "The court
may not interfere with the legislative process and enjoin
the publication of a bill as the last step in the legislative
process ... Courts may only evaluate whether
constitutional requirements were met."

So there you have it, my fantastic readers; yet another
case of Democrats overreaching in order to either make
laws that they favor, or to block laws that they disdain.
In so doing, the Dems in my home state are also showing
their disdain for the will of the people here, who wanted
appropriate action in the form of the creation of a state budget
that would say "ENOUGH!" to further skyrocketing spending
and accompanying skyrocketing taxes, and elected a governor
who would deliver such a budget. As this post is being typed,
some of the constituents of the fleebagger senators along
with other left-wingers around the state are calling for recall
elections to oust the Republican state legislators to try to regain
the legislature so that they can continue to render Wisconsin
inhospitable for both jobs and people, all the while lining their
pockets with more and more of our tax monies. This is what 
the battle in Madison is about. This is what the battles taking
place in other states are about. This is all part of a war which
we must win in order to take back our government and make it,
at all levels, serve ALL of us, not just a favored few with
loud mouths, thuggish behavior, greed, and hatred for
their fellow citizens.

Our way of life is at stake. Failure is not an option.


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