Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Capitol Combat

My friends, the protest waged by the members of the
public workers' union members and their comrades
against Governor Walker and the people of Wisconsin,
the majority of whom voted for him and want him to
bring state taxes and spending down to reasonable
levels, is still raging after three relentless weeks.
Although the pro-union crowd has not broken out
into riots, despite their claims to the contrary there
has been some violent occurrences.

There have been accounts of some lefty protesters
pushing and punching pro-Walker supporters, who
have shown up to counter the left-wingers with
demonstrations of support for Gov. Walker and
his no-nonsense budget and related reforms. A
television journalist with Fox News was cursed
by the protesters, then punched by one of them
--- all the while broadcasting on the scene. Fox
News is the only TV media outfit that the lefties
hate, because Fox won't give their reporting a
pro-union tilt; Fox is not part of the liberal
establishment media axis, which spews the
statist, elitist line that gives those like the public
employee unions succor.

State Senator Glenn Grothman, one of the
Republican majority in that chamber, was
harassed and pursued by a cluster of the
protesters, and gave his harrowing account
on Milwaukee conservative talk show host
Vicki McKenna's radio show. He had reason
to fear for his life! Yet the union members and
their hangers-on claim that their protest is
absolutely peaceful. Perhaps these hotheads
consider a protest or rally to be "peaceful" if
they don't actually kill anyone.

And the kerfuffle has drawn the attention and the
presence of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore.
Yes indeed, these left-wing stooges showed up in
Madison to exhort the public union members and their
cohorts, with Jackson likening Gov. Walker's reforms
which would curb but not eliminate public employee
unions and their bargaining power, to slavery, and Moore
claiming that Wisconsin being broke is a lie. This is
the desperate rhetoric of political hustlers on the make!
Jackson should talk to some of us taxpayers here in
the Badger State and discover how we are forced to
pay higher and higher taxes to hire and pay exorbitant
compensation to state employees, forcing private sector
employment to wane while state government employment
and employees wax! THEN the Rev will know what
slavery is! And the bloated Marxist apologist Moore claims
that just because Wisconsin has a budget deficit that does
not mean that Wisconsin has no money. Is Moore stupid,
disingenuous, or both? Wisconsin is broke because it has
a big debt load! The state has had to borrow more and
more money in order to pay for its increasing government
expenditures over recent years, and has no more money
to pay astronomical wages and benefits to state employees!
Wisconsin could not possibly tax enough money out of the
private sector to cover these costs, therefore the borrowing
spate. But then, such things as facts and truth have never
been tools of Mr. Moore's trade.

Susan Sarandon, that famous Hollywood political fashionista,
also showed up to lend support. After a photo-op the actress
visited a Madison pizzeria to commend it for feeding as many
of the protesters at the Capitol as it could, and there are some
accounts that she had contributed some money to help feed
the hordes. She also took time to call Gov. Walker an"idiot".
Tres chic, my dear Susan! I just KNOW that all of your show
biz pals will be SO knocked out! Good Lord, what other clowns
are going to get in on this circus? Susan is a magnificent actress,
but she is also a magnificent, air-headed, supercilious pain-in-
the-tush! Oh, the First Amendment is a wondrous and won-
drously expansive thing!

Your favorite Peasant shall return soon with more Madison
mischief to pore over. My fellow Wisconsinites, stay strong
and keep the faith!


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