Monday, March 21, 2011

A Busy Springtime Looms Large

My dear readers, your faithful Peasant has some important
news to give you. Some wonderful opportunities came my
way; I'll be busy preparing for a change of residence.
I've been wanting a bigger place with more privacy, and
By May 1, shall be living in my new home, and I am now 
in preparation for the big event. Also, I am very close to
landing a wonderful position with a local financial firm;
I had all but given up on a return to my career field, with
what has happened with it in the past three years. A major
recruiting firm called me last Friday to discuss this position
and I now have an appointment to visit the recruiting agent
who saw my resume' online at an career-related website
and made the call. I can tell you this right now: the money
is most enticing!

So with these things and a few others that I won't get into
here, I shall have my hands full for April. I may not be able
to post items of interest for you, my fantastic readers, some
weeks, or at least not on my usual posting day (Wednesday)
some weeks. But I shall make every effort to stay in touch
with you, don't worry!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, and send me positive
energy for what all I shall be undertaking in the weeks ahead.
I'll keep you posted on what transpires. Thank you all for your
understanding and your encouragement! You all mean more to
me than I ever will to you! The best lies ahead for us.


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