Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Look Who's Supporting the Madison Protesters

Well, my great readers, the Google software bug is taking a
breather for the time being, so we'll get this day's visit in while
we can.

In a recent post from your favorite Peasant concerning the
hullabaloo in Madison, Wisconsin, I mentioned the visits to
the protesters by well-known left-wingers the Rev. Jesse
Jackson, Michael Moore, and Susan Sarandon, all getting
their precious and much-craved photo-ops showing them
in solidarity with the public union members and their quixotic
cause. Over the course of this siege your diligent Peasant
has discovered some more supporters who have come to
stand in support of the whiners; writing in their webzines
and blogs in common cause have been members of the
International Socialist Organization, the Communist Party
USA (CPUSA), the Socialist Workers Party, and the
Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party, naturally in favor
of the unionized public sector workers' raising Cain over
Gov. Scott Walker's plans to rein in their ability to demand
--- and get --- ever-escalating wages and benefits at the
taxpayers' expense in bad times as well as good.

These radical groups have mimicked the unions' talking
points, such as accusing Gov. Walker of union-busting
and comparing Walker to recently deposed Egyptian
dictator Hosni Mubarak. They also have accused our
governor of waging class war. You know, all of the
standard radical lefty cow chips and pig pies. "Egypt,
whose revolution has been a constant source of inspiration
here, reflected in signs and chants --- and Walker's new
nickname, 'Governor Mubarak', " proclaimed an article
from the International Socialist Organization's web site.

You know, this says more about the politics of the public
employee unions than it does about the far-left groups
that have coalesced themselves around and ensconced
themselves in the unions' gathering. The fringe groups in
alliance with the unions are doing what is par for their
sorry course; the unions, however, have displayed an
alarming shift to the far left in their political demeanor.
George Meany, the AFL-CIO President back when
your beloved Peasant wielded a slingshot rather than a
pitchfork, made it clear that American workers had no
interest in communism, nor any other extreme brands
of politics, and had no desire to overthrow our system
in favor of any other. Unions, and indeed American
liberalism, was much more reasonable and sedate.
And President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a traditional
hero of union members throughout the country for decades,
was himself not a fan of unionized government employees
for some of the very reasons we see manifest in Madison.
I suppose that the reds and their comrades would write
these men off as "class warriors" as well.

Liberalism has slid dangerously far from its past position
on our political spectrum. Liberals let their ideological
camp and its institutions such as the Democrat party,
labor unions, civil rights advocacy groups, and public
interest groups be open to crazies, turning their entire
camp into a veritable insane asylum --- and now the
inmates run the asylum. The public workers' unions
proudly stand together with these poisonous wretches;
can you recall a time, any time, when conservative
activists and political groups, including the Tea Party,
have stood with nazis, fascists, or KKK members?
Can you recall any conservative political group ever
welcoming such horrible people into their ranks?
Do you know what left-wingers would say if we
conservatives ever would do such a thing? Oh, the
hypocrisy and the posturing would be endless!

The public employee unions should learn this maxim:
You are judged by the company you keep. In other
words, the more that the American people see these
workers connected to totalitarian scumbags, then the
more that they are going to side with political leaders
like Gov. Scott Walker and support their efforts to
preserve our states' economies and our liberties.
As far as your optimistic Peasant is concerned, we
have already won the battle in Madison. And we'll
win the war, the war for our country's future.


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